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We work with the biggest names internationally and locally. Our stars come from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sydney, London and everywhere in between. Current and previous clients include:

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp Kings of Chaos Elvis Blue Kahn Morbee Daniel Baron Freshlyground Just Jinjer Hot Water Tori Amos Tour Air Supply Tour Alison Moyet Tour Suzanne Vega Tour Mike + The Mechanics Tour Bonnie Tyler Tour Richard Clayderman Tour Blackbyrd Jody Williams Zoe Zana Jimmy Nevis The Rudimentals Mark Haze Loki Rothman Matthew O’Connell Lindiwe Suttle MacStanley Noel Robinson (UK) Jahaziel (UK) Sun City (Australia) Martelize Brink Jeremy Olivier
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Australian electro-pop outfit Sun City have released their new single Paralyse. See their interview with during a recent trip to South Africa:... Read More

Kahn Morbee, front man of platinum-selling success The Parlotones, has released his first solo album Salt. A personal, intimate album it moves away from the stadium-rock sound you’d expect from The Parlotones but still packs a big musical punch. Catch the new single, How Do You Play The Game,... Read More

IBMedia is releasing the new hit single from Elvis Blue. “Shine” is Elvis’s first new song for 2015 and comes with a fun, fresh new sound from the music star. Elvis is well-known for racking up chart successes in the English and Afrikaans market. His previous hits include Things my father... Read More

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IBMedia’s MD Ian Bredenkamp has been part of the media landscape for nearly 15 years. His skill-set includes publicity, social media, commercial radio management, content strategy, music consulting and public relations.

His media entertainment business, IBMedia, specialises in plugging and publicity in the music, film and TV industry. His past and present clients include Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, the Kings of Chaos tours, Elvis Blue, Kahn Morbee (Parlotones), Daniel Baron, Freshlyground, Just Jinjer, Tori Amos Tour, AirSupply tour, Alison Moyet tour, Suzanne Vega tour, Mike + The Mechanics tour, Bonnie Tyler tour, Jimmy Nevis and Blackbyrd.

His previous experience saw him on the development team of the award-winning LeadSA campaign. LeadSA was a finalist for the Loerie: Ubuntu Award 2011 prize. He was project-manager for the first commercial radio Facebook promotion in SA. "Fan It" was nominated for a 2011 FNB Bookmark award.

Ian has completed the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy course, managed the communication for the Cape Metropolitan Council during the Treasure oil spill and was acting Spokesperson for the Deputy Mayor of Cape Town. He also co-owns the PR agency The Media Menu and is a well-known voice on South African radio.

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